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How IT sourcing pros can do better on emerging technology

Chris Andrews | Jan. 26, 2011
Is your sourcing and vendor management team seen as a hindrance not a help when it comes to emerging technologies? Sourcing pros must enable innovation, by providing new flexibility, Forrester Research advises.

What about SVM professionals who have a clearly established role in the new technology adoption process? Even in these instances, the level of contribution often varies significantly. We found that:

When involved, SVM focuses on contractual terms, and vendor viability. By negotiating prices, establishing exit clauses, ensuring compliance standards, and investigating vendors' financial stability, SVM professionals are helping mitigate the risks inherent in new technology evaluations.

Security, scalability, and integration requirements are likely IT specialist domain. Although SVM professionals will work with IT to define contractual terms, the vast majority are willing to defer to the expertise of IT specialists in these areas.

In the end, it's important for SVM professionals to clearly define and take ownership of their responsibilities in the evaluation process. Otherwise, establishing sourcing's value within the business will become an increasingly difficult task. This means sourcing professionals need to proactively show IT and the business examples of how sourcing has helped in the past—and use those examples to clarify future roles. And amongst other things, SVM must be prepared to enable innovation, by providing new levels of flexibility. Rather than slowing the adoption process, consider raising concerns and allowing business users to decide if the risks are acceptable and reasonable.


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