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How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout

Chloe Dobinson | June 6, 2017
We look at how a CIO can get the best out of their team in delivering digital technology and avoid a work overload.

A heavy workload can lead to a digital team feeling unproductive, disengaged and stressed in their roles.

As a CIO delivering innovation a big part of the role is maintaining a positive environment and stopping the digital team from burning out.

We look at how a CIO can get the best out of their team in delivering digital technology and avoiding a work overload. 


How a CIO can avoid a digital team burnout: Keep the job interesting

A CIO's role has evolved to the changing customer and business demands. The shifting priorities have seen CIOs explore new ways to keep their digital teams engaged.

Training programmes, updating old skill sets and bonus schemes are great ways to keep the role interesting and avoid a work overload.

As a CIO focusing your team members is important to ensure role engagement, and CIO Ian Crawford is using his leadership and managerial skills to help manage teams across five sites at the Imperial War Museum.

"It can be challenging because we are not all in the same office all day long and are quite widely dispersed," he said. "I think the key is to understand the work they do and the challenges they face and to try to make work as easy as possible for them so they can concentrate on their jobs as well.

The museum is currently undergoing a transformation programme which will see the second phase of their Lambeth Road redevelopment project open in 2020.

This will allow CIO Crawford and his team to work more productively through building additional IT infrastructure to help enhance their overall experience.

Better role engagement will help increase job satisfaction of others and ensure they are loyal to the company.


How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout: Listen to your staff behaviour

In organisations, collaboration is vital for a successful business strategy.

CIOs can get to the root of the problem by communicating regularly with members of the digital team. Scheduling one-to-one and open meetings to discuss how they are managing their workload will help to get the best out of employee's abilities.

Collaboration tools such as Slack and Voxer are quick and engaging ways for CIOs to keep up to date with their team and work schedules. This can maintain a positive work culture and help to retain IT talent. CIOs should prevent employee burnout by helping to maintain a positive work culture.


How a CIO can avoid a digital team burnout: Give everyone a voice


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