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Greater Performance via Migration

T.C. Seow | Sept. 27, 2011
Already offering the longest trading hours in Southeast Asia, the Singapore Exchange aims to achieve even more by migrating its ageing IT infrastructure to newer, open systems.

Who are the key partners involved in the migration?

Clerity and HCL Technologies. HCL is our IT Infrastructure service provider.

Why is the target completion date sometime in 2012 and not sooner?

This is a project planned to be implemented within 12 months, which is not unreasonable given the size of the migration and customer involvement required. The implementation date has been determined from a detailed planning session with Clerity that identified all of the tasks needed to complete a project of this size and complexity, together with our own experiences of such projects.


The Case for Clerity

"Clerity has helped a number of companies significantly cut annual operating costs," said Brandon Edenfield, president of Clerity Solutions. "Thirty to 70 percent annual cost reduction is typical, and we have even recently helped a European government organisation cut costs by 95 percent by migrating off the mainframe."

This savings, according to Edenfield, is primarily derived by the dramatically lower software costs and the greater availability of third-party tools and utilities available on open (Linux, UNIX, Windows) systems versus the mainframe. "A business can deploy our IBM CICS and IMS-alternative UniKix technology, a distributed COBOL offering like vCOBOL from Veryant, and choose from a range of schedulers, sort utilities, print management systems and the like," he added. "More competition and choice for software on open systems gives our customers more leverage, and ultimately keeps costs down."

There is also cost savings to be gained by running on open systems servers versus mainframe servers. The greater economies of scale on open systems makes processors, memory, storage and the like much more affordable.

Clerity migration experts recently completed a Migration and Modernisation Assessment Process (MMAP) that provided SGX with a clear understanding of the full technical requirements and business impact of migrating from an IBM mainframe to open systems. The project is now entering the implementation phase and is on track to be completed in 2012.

Said Edenfield: "Before we begin any project, we build a detailed ROI analysis for our customer that includes migration cost. Software cost is five to seven times less on open systems; while hardware costs are typically two to three times less."



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