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Good Technology CEO: 'We focus on the data, not the device'

John Gallant | Aug. 14, 2013
The latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series.

I think you have other companies that are looking at server-based virtualization. So folks like Citrix or others, and I think that is closer to being data focused, but it keeps so much of the usability and the user experience off the device, that unfortunately the user experience becomes very challenged. Therefore you get that risk of organ rejection or user experience rejection that I was talking about earlier, where the user will just, instead of VPN'ing in and using virtualization, will just forward their data to their Gmail account and deal with it there.

That is our differentiator and that is also what allows us to get into some of these other use cases like the banking applications or the insurance applications and doing things that are B2B and B2C, not just corporation-to-employee.

JG: In light of the portfolio discussion in the earlier question, what should people expect over the next six months to a year from Good?

They should continue to see us growing out the ecosystem around Good Dynamics. They should continue to see us bringing the barrier to entry lower for consumers. I think, again, because our solution has been enterprise-grade, there's a perception that it's somehow inaccessible to the average enterprise, that you need to be a global bank or a large federal agency in order to use Good, which is just completely not the case. And you should expect to see us break out into some new markets by taking this platform in some interesting new directions, either through vertical markets or into different market segments, layers of productivity.

JG: I wanted to ask about a market you're currently in with collaboration tools. So we talked about mobile management being a crowded spot. Collaboration is a really crowded spot. Why would a company go with your set of collaboration offerings versus one of the better known competitors out there?

A: With our collaboration suite, we're really very narrowly focused on those core user productivity applications as kind of an out-of-the-box, get your users up and running on the basic mobility applications they need, which are email, calendar, contacts, browser -- sort of "office-in-a-box." We don't believe for a second that that represents the user's entire need for collaboration applications, so we actually work through Good Dynamics with a number of those other vendors to do Good Dynamics versions of their apps. If you are using somebody else's IM or a collaboration application, or not using Good's, so long as they are supporting a Good Dynamics protocol, there is nothing that would stop the data from going back and forth. In fact we encourage developers and we reach out to those other collaboration solutions and help them incorporate Good Dynamics technology into their applications.


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