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Good Technology CEO: 'We focus on the data, not the device'

John Gallant | Aug. 14, 2013
The latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series.

But we're not new. We've been out there for quite a long period of time. Our security model has been tested and proven with large federal agencies, with the world's largest banks, healthcare providers. About 50% of our customers come from regulated industries. The rest come are large retailers, manufacturing, distribution, I think we're in an age now where there isn't a company alive that doesn't care about their data and their IP. So what used to be relegated to kind of a niche regulated market solution is now a broad platform that spans across industries and across different enterprises.

We have done a couple of acquisitions. You mentioned AppCentral. There was another called Copiun, which did SharePoint integration and cloud file storage. It is, I think, inevitable that there will be likely more as we go forward. But I think right now our focus is really on completing the integration and making this broad enterprise platform available to a broader number of customers. We're not in a race to scale the products. Our products have been proven and they've been broadly deployed in very, very large organizations, so I think scalability, reliability, extensibility, those are things that the company has had to work out over the years.

I believe that we're in a world where the value of enterprise mobility is just starting. I think right now there's so much of the conversation being driven by employee-driven devices. It's just such a small part of the conversation. We have a large financial institution that is using Good Dynamics to secure the private banking application they're giving to their top management clients. We have an insurance company that is using Good Dynamics to give secure and policy-controlled access to their insurance brokers. Because the brokers are not employees, they're partners, I can't do device-management, I can't take over, I can't give you a whole second profile, but I can give you secure and policy-managed applications through Good Dynamics, where to you it just looks like another app you downloaded from the app store. But there's somebody behind it who really cares about controlling the access and controlling the data and can set policies to make sure that those assets are protected.

JG: When you look at the competitive set today, what would you say is the single key differentiator in the way you solve these problems for customers?

A: I think the key differentiator is we focus on the data, not the device. There are two other very popular approaches. You have either device manufacturers like BlackBerry or device-management organizations that try to replicate a BlackBerry-type device management experience, but on non-BlackBerry devices. I think you're drawing the perimeter around the wrong place. Because if you understand that what is required is policy and control at the data level, then anything you do at the device level is great, and it's a great first step, but it doesn't solve your data challenge. You need a solution that focuses on the data.


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