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Good Technology CEO: 'We focus on the data, not the device'

John Gallant | Aug. 14, 2013
The latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series.

MR: It was almost a year ago that Good acquired AppCentral. How has that played into these plans and how has that acquisition gone?

AppCentral has been integrated. There is a stand-alone app store which is made available separately, but also as a part of our collaboration suite. If I take the broad view of what the portfolio is, then maybe that helps explain how AppCentral fits in it.

What people are most familiar with is Good for Enterprise. Think of it as a vertically integrated productivity-in-a-box solution. It is your email, calendar, address book, etc., a self-contained, kind of a single container that just gives the employee productivity. That lets them secure the data and things that are going in and out of that secure collaboration workspace, but doesn't necessarily have any impact on the rest of the environment around it.

We also have simple app wrapping, which was a part of the AppCentral acquisition, and then we have a separate security platform called Good Dynamics. Think of Good Dynamics as accepting the security framework that we use in our own application, our secure browser, SharePoint integration, DFE, and we separate that and make that available as a set of tools. So now you can not just create applications that leverage the secure platform that we use, but you can also expose services between those applications, you can show data between those applications, you can create these complete end-to-end workflows. And we can secure the data through every point of that workflow.

Take the simple insurance worker use case, the claims agent right at the scene of an accident. I want to take a picture securely. I want to upload it into a form. I want to fill in the rest of the form with my report. I want my customer to digitally sign and say yes, that's their description of the accident. I want to upload it to corporate, have them approve it and send it directly back down so that user knows right on the spot what's happening with their accident. On a mobile device that's not one application, that's probably five applications. It's the photo app, the communications, the DocuSign, etc. If each of these are done with Good Dynamics, either written with Good Dynamics or wrapped with AppCentral wrapping, then they can share data between them. AppCentral is the way a CIO can actually deploy-manage those applications, either by profile, by user, by job role, by device, if they need to.

MR: How is Dynamics adoption going? Do you have a lot of developers on board ?

Dynamics adoption has been amazing. The company really only started shipping Dynamics in earnest in, I'm going to say, Q3 of last year. So we're just under a year, and we have a large number of commercial applications, things like Box for Good. You can do integration with IBM Worklight, with Salesforce, with HP ePrint, DocuSign.


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