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Good Technology CEO: 'We focus on the data, not the device'

John Gallant | Aug. 14, 2013
The latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series.

A: I'll give you my version. I'm sure others will give you theirs. I came in knowing that this is a business that is in massive growth mode. We've seen tremendous growth, which means we should only expect to see tremendous growth from here. And it's not always the same skill set. And I don't even just mean with people. I even mean in terms of operating processes and how we run the business. It doesn't look the same when you are kind of a single product technology licensing company versus when you are an enterprise solutions company. It has big implications. It has implications for the kinds of customer conversations when we're talking to them about software development and business transformation. It's not always the same people even in the organization that we're having those conversations with versus the folks that would be buying a mobile management solution. We're at a different level within those customer conversations. It had big implications on our customer care organization. How do we do enterprise-grade service and support for our customers? How do we do developer support for our customers, because they're actually building solutions with us? And how do we speak a language that resonates with their business challenges?

So, like I said earlier, lots of folks think they know who we were, and because they think of us as that cute little secure email company, many folks don't know who Good is today. I said myself, even when I went into Citigroup, I wasn't even aware. And of anyone on the planet, it should have been me. So I think part of that is getting folks to kind of take a look at the new Good and to really understand the power and the potential of the technology that's sitting in this organization. And we're having a great time.

JG: Are there things that we didn't ask about that are really important to convey about what's happening at Good?

A: I think that more broadly across the industry I am looking forward to the conversation shifting from protecting devices to really driving business. We have a very aspirational view, which is: If I could remove the conversation about risk, what bolder strategy would you undertake as a business? Right now we feel like the powerful conversation happening with our customers is the CMO, the CEO, the line of business leaders saying -- I want my data at the edge. I want my insurance agent in front of the customer solving a problem, or my lawyer in front of the client getting access to data, and the value that that brings to a customer in terms of being able to drive results for the business.


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