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Gates on tax, giving his kids only $10m - and still doing the dishes

Ben Grubb (via SMH) | May 29, 2013
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates answered a variety of questions from audience on ABC TV's Q&A with topics ranging from aid to technology.

"Having children not die is not creating a dependency, having children not be so sick they can't go to school, not having enough nutrition so their brains don't develop. That is not a dependency. That's an evil thing and books like that - they're promoting evil," he said.

Money to children
Mr Gates was also quizzed on whether giving a reported $US10 million to each of his four children meant that he had lost perspective of how much money was worth.

He said he had "absolutely" lost perspective of a number of things in life.

"I haven't mowed the lawn for a long time," Mr Gates joked. "I forget what it's like. I do wash the dishes every night, so there are certain rituals that are worth maintaining."

He said he didn't want to give his children too much money because he wanted to give them "some freedom to pick what they" wanted to do in their lives.

"I think a kid should grow up knowing that they're going to have to make their own way in terms of finding work and that they won't be giving out sums of money or just have all the money they'll need," he said.

"I do think that having kids receive large sums of wealth actually has been more negative for them than say positive, particularly if their friends think that, they think that."


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