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Ex-Cisco CEO reflects, looks ahead on 25 years of Networkers

Jim Duffy | May 20, 2014
Chairman Emeritus John Morgridge knew company would be big, says evolution is key

What do you think are the most disruptive technologies today?
Some would say that the cloud is disruptive. Exactly how it ultimately plays out is... I noticed that the pickup of it has a little bit been slower than anticipated. But there are a lot of advantages to it. We have a program of technology in K-12 in Wisconsin and one of the major shortages are people at the district level that can handle those applications. And to some degree the cloud would appear to provide a solution to that. Someone else worries about it and all you have to worry about is robust and continuous connectivity.

What do you expect to unfold in IP and Internet networking in the next 25 years? What additional skill sets will Networkers have to attain and how will their current roles change?
Irrespective of how the solutions are delivered, I think Cisco customers will nonetheless have to maintain a proficiency that is current. They just can't turn it over in totality, they'll still have a major responsibility in what the structure is and how it looks.

I think it already has (changed). In the 1990s, security was talked about but it was not really an issue. That's not the case anymore. In the last decade it has come front and center. All you have to  do is pick up the paper and you find that out. We've had disastrous consequences. They're going to have to continue to evolve what they're capable of.


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