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Event: CIO Summit 2012 in Kuala Lumpur

Rosalind See | Sept. 27, 2012
Cloud, mobility amongst hot topics presented to and discussed by attendees to inaugural gathering for CIOs and senior IT executives in the capital city of Malaysia.

Khoo Hung Chuan, Lenovo
Photo: Khoo Hung Chuan, Lenovo.

While BYOD is hastening a move away from the traditional PC, Khoo argued that the workhorse of organisations is not dead yet. "This is not the post-PC era, but the PC+ era. Traditional PCs are evolving but at its core, new devices such as tablets and smartphones are still PCs. This is changing though, and organisations will need an IT strategy to leverage on the consumerisation of IT."

Enterprises have seen the value of utilising such new devices although they were designed more for consumers rather than enterprises. Cost savings is one such benefit. "Typically, the purchase price of a device is only 30 percent of its total cost," said Amos Tio, General Manager of Toughbook Asia Pacific Group, Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific. "The balance of 70 percent can be considered lifecycle cost which includes costs for IT support, non-performance cost and downtime."

"Devices are the roots for enterprises to function. They provide a solid foundation. Thus, it is crucial for enterprises to ensure that the user is using the correct device to do the correct job. Enterprises cannot just purchase a certain quantity of devices without considering the user, and the appropriateness of that device in carrying out that user's job. It is more than just having a nice-looking device," he said.

Staying engaged
Ensuring that their mobile, dispersed workforce continued to interact and stay engaged with each other was a new challenge for enterprises. "The use of effective collaborative communication tools ensures efficiency and productivity," said Tony Sandberg, Polycom Asia Pacific Director, Enterprise and Service Provider Market Development. "The advancement of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) technology has made it easier for users to share information through voice, videoconferencing or web media. It is simple to use, secure, and always available to everyone across any network, protocol, application, or device."

Tony Sandberg, Polycom
Photo: Tony Sandberg, Polycom.

Alex Caro, CTO, Asia Pacific & Japan, Akamai Technologies sees the growth of visual media as an emerging trend. "The internet will be video-driven," he said. "More and more interaction is done through videos. The variety of videos and its uses are increasing, and video quality on devices is improving."

Alex Caro, Akamai
Photo: Alex Caro, Akamai.

Videos on the Internet are largely hosted in the cloud and enterprises will face security challenges. "Enterprises will lose some control as they open up access to customers, partners and employees," said Caro.

Data centres are critical enablers, but can an enterprise justify the amount it spends on building and maintaining these data centres? Keith Murray, Vice President, Strategy, M&A and Services, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Schneider Electric, believes that an enterprise's business strategy defined this need.


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