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EastLink switches to SICE back office tolling system

Doug Spencer-Roy, EastLink | Aug. 11, 2017
EastLink rolls out SICE tolling system.

The need for a new system  

EastLink's original back office tolling system had become too expensive to maintain, was near end of life and would no longer be supported by the vendor. The old system also constrained EastLink in adopting and leveraging off new technologies.  

This old system was constrained in its ability to support changes and innovation. Its user interface was cumbersome and overly complex for customer service officers. A new system would overcome these limitations and provide a springboard for future technology innovation.  It would also enable EastLink to commence the rollout of its technology roadmap for the future.   

EastLink's new system  

"SICE offered the best value for money solution," said EastLink general manager information technology, Bill Advic. "Reducing project and implementation risk, the SICE solution integrates very well with EastLink's toll rating engine which is also supplied by SICE."  

EastLink's new bespoke system is a tailored version of SICE's Billing and Invoicing System (BIS), extensively customised for Australia's multi-lane free-flow environment and EastLink's high traffic volumes.  

"EastLink's new back office tolling system from SICE is not just more efficient than the system it replaces," Advic said. "The new system adds new functionality that is tailored to our needs, and provides us with more real-time functionality."  

Unlike EastLink's previous customer website, the new website is fully adaptive to different devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers).  

World class performance requirements  

EastLink's new back office tolling system needs to be able to process the tolls and payments for the 250,000 vehicle trips and 1.2 million fully electronic toll point transactions made on EastLink each day.  

"In fact, EastLink is the only tollway in Australia that needs to process more than 1 million toll point transactions each day," Advic said. "So the performance of the new system needs to be world class, and that has proved to be the case."  

Looking to the future, the new system also needs to be able to cope with the increased traffic and customer volumes expected over the next decade.   

A leap towards PCI DSS compliance  

The new system has helped EastLink make a giant leap towards compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Credit card details are no longer held within EastLink's system. Instead, EastLink's bank holds these details very securely on EastLink's behalf, and EastLink's new system uses tokens provided by the bank to charge payments to customers.  

"Tokenisation improves security for customers as Eastlink no longer needs to keep credit card details to process credit card payments," Advic said.  

Agile implementation  

Throughout the implementation project, which commenced in February 2015, the joint EastLink / SICE team for project implementation, data migration and testing was located in Melbourne. SICE's software development team is located in Madrid, Spain.  


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