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Day in the life of a social CIO: Shorenstein's Stuart Appley

Matt Kapko | Dec. 3, 2015
A real estate CIO shares advice on how business leaders can derive more value and gain new knowledge from today's most popular social media services, while also boosting their professional personas online.

Appley is always on the hunt for new ways to interact with people he wouldn't connect with otherwise. The below exchange on Storify personifies the types of conversations Appley now seeks out on social media.

"Being on social media is really about engaging with others, and it's a fantastic opportunity to have meaningful conversations," says Appley.

Pick your social sites wisely and have a strategy

To make time for this active presence on social media, Appley had to push other daily tasks to the sidelines. Instead of reading The Wall Street Journal as soon as he gets to the office, for example, as he did for many years, Appley jumps right on Twitter, LinkedIn and Feedly to catch up on news and other noteworthy articles. He also tries to comment and reply to interesting tweets during the morning, but he doesn't force interaction. "Social media is unpredictable, so it just depends on what's flowing that day," he says.

Twitter tends to get most of his attention throughout the day and early evening, whether it's for business or personal reasons. And he also gives LinkedIn its due. However, Facebook doesn't come into the equation unless Appley is looking for a recent post from a family member.

So what's Appley's best advice for IT professionals who are ready to tackle social, or take their existing efforts to the next level? CIOs and tech leaders should focus on a particular topic or two, he says, and expect to participate. "Don't just share content, also engage by commenting and providing your own input and opinions," he says. "Don't be afraid to have a voice."


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