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Computerworld Singapore 2012 Outlook: Dell

Jack Loo | Feb. 2, 2012
Mobility will be driving technology spending both on the front-end and back-end, according to a Dell executive.

6) For the area of consumerisation (from tablets to social media), how are customer demand and vendor offerings going to be like in 2012?

As mobility and social media become part of our everyday lives, it is intuitive to extend this use to the workplace to improve organisational efficiency and enhance productivity.  

The 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) culture is fast catching on, emphasising concerns such as security and services. Organisations are faced with the challenge of developing a strategy that addresses protecting access to devices, the data on the devices (especially sensitive organisational information), and how they will insulate the organisation from potential threats coming from these devices. Beyond just the hardware, it is about delivering on the back-end solutions. Vendors need to ensure that their products are compliant with security from a back-end standpoint.

Dell has been adapting to deliver the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions as new technological trends emerge and are adopted by businesses, organisations and people. Earlier this year, we acquired Secureworks, a globally recognised provider of information security services as part of our strategy of providing our customers with a complete portfolio of IT solutions to meet their evolving needs. With the advent of BYO products, Secureworks allows for organisations to protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce costs, all without having to build their own internal security expertise from scratch.

We have very closely studied our own back-end systems to understand what is required from a security and services standpoint for organisations when making a decision on BYOD. Our products, from our range of PCs to mobility solutions, ensure that security is not compromised while allowing customers a seamless experience.

Dell believes that we are the best example of the efficiency of our solutions. In this case, after ironing out all of the logistics and compliance issues, our employees can now bring their own devices to access corporate mail.

7) What is going to be on top of your customers' agendas in 2012?

The economic uncertainty for 2012 will play a big role in CIOs' budget spending. CIOs will be challenged with maintaining growth and better managing total cost of operations while leveraging technology as an efficiency booster.

As we witness a rapidly evolving technological space coupled with shifting consumer behaviour, CIOs are aware of the need to capitalise on the availability of these solutions to drive efficiency and growth in their organisation. The challenge they face will be how to achieve this ideal scenario with so much going on.

Organisations will continue to look for the most comprehensive suite of solutions and services that allows them to spend their time looking at how to innovatively use technology to expand their business, instead of just keeping the lights on. Dell has been committed to delivering these solutions and services to customers. Our services such as Dell's 24/7 ProSupport, Onsite and Next-Business-Day support services enables organizations to minimise disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity.


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