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CMOs paralysed by paradigm shift (and CIOs aren't helping)

Tom Kaneshige | Oct. 23, 2014
While CMOs drown in a sea of new digital marketing technology products and services, CIOs are noticeably not coming to the rescue.

In fact, Neale-May's email inbox is regularly slammed by vendors seeking to gain access to the CMO Council membership. He, too, has a tough time differentiating among them. "If I was a CMO, I would be seeking as much collaboration, guidance, help as possible from the CIO," Neale-May says. "It's an area of opportunity for CIOs to bring their expertise, even in terms of just sourcing, selecting and deploying."

More often than not, though, the CIO sits on the sidelines.

"I don't see CIOs stepping up and saying, 'We'll do the qualification and evaluation, make the recommendation, and get our heads around what's coming into this market space,'" Neale-May says. "There's a need for CIOs to be more proactive."

Panning for Digital Marketing Gold
The good news is that there's gold in them thar digital marketing hills.

According to the survey, half of the respondents with a formal strategy are able to achieve more targeted, efficient and relevant customer engagements. Nearly a third of CMOs who manage and integrate technology extremely well or pretty well are seeing tangible business value, with 51 percent of those achieving greater revenue contributions. Fifty-nine percent of respondents who have integrated a technology strategy within their overall marketing strategy say they're achieving more targeted, efficient and relevant customer engagements.

In order to achieve this holy grail, companies should think about creating a task force -- a compendium of stakeholders, from marketing to sales to IT -- tasked with building a global marketing operations platform, advises Neale-May. Such a task force would not only bring together the interests of these stakeholders but also have a budget and mandate to map and model where they want to go and how they want to get there.

"This tends to be what I hear most is happening," Neale-May says. The need for a task force shows just how daunting digital marketing has become. "We've got big disruption of marketing. From sales intelligence all the way to campaign execution, from mobile to global, there's just a massive amount of stuff."


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