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BYOD - who's in control?

Tom Paye | July 9, 2013
Introducing and managing a solid security strategy will be challenge for companies embracing BYOD.

Wallin says: "Some organisations are looking to introduce BYOD policies for PCs, very frequently in order to support Macs in the enterprise and sometimes to avoid a situation where the company issues corporate PCs to contractors and consultants."

According to Help AG's Solling, this is a natural progression, as people want to work with interfaces that are familiar to them. Of course, IT departments may squirm at the idea of allowing personal devices such as laptops into the work network — after all, they're capable of storing much more data, and, if it's a Windows laptop, the risk of malware increases, too. However, Solling points to desktop virtualisation as a solution to the problem — with this, employees using their own laptops needn't be too much of a headache for IT departments.

"As efficient as employees may be with their smart devices, there are still a large section of employees who would prefer the familiar interface of a traditional desktop or laptop. This is why we are seeing increases in the number of organisations opting for desktop virtualisation," he explains.

"I am definitely of the opinion that desktop virtualisation can assist in mitigating many of the issues with BYOD, simply because, once the user logs out of the virtual desktop, the data is removed from the device. In fact, the data was never there — only the VDI environment."

Just how quickly companies begin accommodating personal laptops as well as personal mobile devices remains to be seen. However, if the experts are right, IT departments may soon have no choice but to accept that employees are going to use their own devices whenever they can. As Krishnan says, "Organisations currently have only two choices when it comes to BYOD — adopt it now or later."

Later might be best for some companies, but there's no doubting that change is on the way when it comes to securing corporate data. And what of me using my own devices for work? Well, just as the experts suggest, the IT department and I have a perfectly workable understanding over it. And it seems we're both happy with the results.


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