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Businesses spending more on tech, worrying more about IT disruption

Thor Olavsrud | Feb. 24, 2016
IT budgets are on the rise in 2016 as tech leaders struggle with existing IT infrastructure that is proving a hindrance to adopting new technology.

While data security didn't top the list of areas most in need of improvement, it is the top area in which budgets need to grow (57 percent), according to respondents. It was followed by cloud computing (52 percent) and mobile solutions (43 percent). Data security is the top worry for technology influencers across companies of all sizes, by far, according to the study: 69 percent cited data privacy as their top concern. Other concerns included:

  • Keeping IT equipment well-maintained: 50 percent
  • Improving customer experience: 49 percent
  • Monitoring budget and costs: 48 percent
  • Ability to adopt new technology: 37 percent

Adoption of new cloud technologies and solutions will continue at a rapid clip in 2016. The study found 89 percent of technology influencers cited cloud computing as the innovation that has had the most significant impact on technology today and 84 percent plan on investing in cloud services in 2016. Software as a Service (SaaS) is likely to lead the way with 54 percent planning to invest, followed by Security as a Service, with 49 percent planning to invest.

The bigger, the faster

As a whole, decision-makers at large and medium-sized companies say they are moving fast in the race to keep up with tech advancements, while influencers at small businesses say they are moving the slowest.

"Technological innovation continues to accelerate at unprecedented rates," Mike Guggemos, CIO of Insight Enterprises, said in a statement Tuesday. "In recent years, new devices, applications and software solutions have hit the market with incredible frequency. The old adage of 'keeping up with the Joneses' has never been more relevant than when applied to businesses trying to compete and harness the power of emerging technologies. Large and medium-sized organizations have deeper pockets to help them in the race but often face organizational hurdles, while smaller and more nimble businesses often lack financials to experiment prior to making investments."


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