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Andrew Jordan keeping NBC Universal moving with the times

Mark Chillingworth | April 29, 2013
Andrew Jordan is a communicator. He describes everything succinctly and his use of metaphor makes difficult subjects easy to grasp. It's important that Jordan, senior vice president of international technology and operations at NBC Universal, has strong communications skills, as this international broadcaster is undergoing a massive switch in usage patterns. Jordan's job title more than hints at his employer's American heritage, but this Englishman is responsible for all the company's technology operations outside of the US.

Jordan reports to both the president of the international business and to the president of operations & technological services. He sits on the international management board and the global operations board. His team consists of 200 permanent staff, an Indian operation and a regular flow of contractors.

Key suppliers are Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Avid and Cisco, and NBC Universal is working with Autonomy on the search challenges detailed above.

All of this has to serve 60 offices in 34 countries and also NBC News bureaus in every country bar two in the entire world. (North Korea and Iran are not too welcoming of US news agencies).

In a short space of time Jordan has overseen the international broadcasting of the Olympics for NBC Universal and set out some impressive transformation agendas that address the business challenges facing NBC. It will be very interesting to see how this story unfolds over the next year or two.

NBC Universal is a backer of Downton Abbey, seen on ITV in the UK; the series is compelling because it's about an organisation facing major changes in class, family values, sexual equality and the business model of the farms it owns. There's no lord and master about Jordan, but the keen cyclist is clearly in the role of the moderniser depicted in the drama.


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