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6 ways you're getting teamwork wrong

Sharon Florentine | April 1, 2016
Teamwork and collaboration are great enterprise goals. But to be effective, they have to be done right. Here's what not to do.

5. Ignoring reflection

Don't fall victim to outcome bias, the belief that, if you're successful, you don't need to reflect on what went well, what didn't and how to remedy the shortcomings. Reflection is as imperative when things are going well as they are when they're going wrong. Making time for check-ins, status reports and open, honest conversations is key to successful teamwork, Moussa says. "Over time, your progress, your priorities and your commitments can change. That's why it's so important to have regular check-ins to reaffirm the goals, the status and progress. These don't have to be all-day affairs, either; a few minutes or a weekly stand-up meeting works just fine," he says.

6. Failing to sell the change

Teamwork is successful when every member is on board with shared purpose, goals and strategy. Strength of will and charisma are not enough to push through change or to motivate teams to succeed, Moussa, Newberry and Boyer say. You've got to communicate about why your project or initiative is important and how teams can best contribute to these shared goals, Moussa says. "You have to get buy-in so that teams want to come along with you. Today's work world is flatter - there aren't as many hierarchies -- and it's faster, more fluid and more project-based. This makes it even more important than ever to get teamwork right," he says.


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