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5 lessons CIOs can learn from the power sector

Balaji OS | May 26, 2016
Here are 5 lessons you can learn from the utilities sector – power generation, transmission and distribution, and retail – which are particularly valuable.

So ask yourself:

  • Can my IT group reward the business teams or team member who helps to identify the most problems in systems or provides the suggestions to improve it? While one could argue that it is the responsibility of the business teams to report on issues or request for changes, a change in this thinking could do a world of wonder to gain the confidence of business stakeholders.
  • Can IT service measures be elevated and linked to how it directly or indirectly contributed to the business performance measures?

Lesson 5: Embrace disruption

The growth of renewables and the interest from customers to generate their own power through alternative energy sources like solar has put tremendous pressure on the utilities. Without getting perturbed, few leading utilities are embracing this change and see this as an opportunity.

For example when it comes to solar, several utilities today are working with the community to create an ecosystem for interested customers not only to generate their own power but to share the solar generated power with their neighbouring households and are also enabling them to sell the excess power back to the grid.

What can you learn?

The growth in cloud and as-a-service solutions today is empowering the business teams with adequate knowledge and choice on technology solutions. The proliferation of these solutions and technologies is becoming a double edged sword to CIOs as they need to maintain a fine balance in allowing the adoption of newer solutions without creating complexity and compromising on the risks.

With this in mind, determine if it’s worth taking another look at your operating model by positioning your IT group as a broker and manager of new solutions, similar to the role utilities organisations play in the adoption of renewable energy.


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