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5 customer trends that channel partners should watch out for

Shantheri Mallaya | July 9, 2013
If you aren't listening to your customers' needs, your competition is. Here are five trends that are changing your customers' business­--and redefining yours.

He believes that small pieces such as VDI-in-a-box could help companies achieve huge operational efficiencies, since projects turnaround faster, are easy to implement--as less as 30 days some for larger customers--and the benefits are quick to see. This is the next big opportunity that Sunfire has already trained its guns on, and hopes to see a lot of action.

The burgeoning mobile workforce is going to raise the levels of curiosity and adoption of mobile technologies. The workplace is now a challenge of sorts and most CIOs are grappling with the question: At what level are we going to allow or implement mobile technologies and how? Players such as Aashna Cloudtech have already jumped onto the mobile bandwagon. "As more and more companies--SMEs and large enterprises--move towards seeking more real-time data and as cloud applications get available on mobile devices, this could open up a huge opportunity for us."

Aashna has launched and offers NetSuite ERP and CRM on an Android platform. Going forward, the solution provider hopes to get its existing and new customers hooked onto understanding the benefits of mobile CRM. Akhil Ranjan Jha, director of Kolkata's Comprehensive Consultancy, is of the firm belief that the mobility wave is here to stay and has moved out of the hype cycle.

This company, an established player in the government, education and research sector, is actively setting up labs for mobile computing and for mobile app development. These are two segments that, he says, are the bulwark of the future. "This sector is our forte, But, we are also not averse to trying out the commercial markets as well, since the action is kicking off in a big way with organizations likely to opt for upgradation of networks that will support large-scale mobile computing," he says.

Comprehensive Consultancy, which operates primarily in the eastern and north-eastern markets, is hoping to see a growth of 16 percent in 2013-14, a significant chunk of which is likely to come from its new growth areas of mobility and high performance computing. Awareness levels about the need to upgrade networks in order to increase bandwidth and also deal with the vulnerability quotient of mobile networks are areas of interest and concern that solution providers must look at. "This is where our long-term energies ought to be channelized," says Jha. These observations and clarity in the eastern market that account for a mere 8 percent of total IT business in the country, is commendable.

The SME segment, like the large enterprises segment, wants to grow and consume as much of the combination of analytics tools, however it can be supported either on the cloud or through mobile platforms. Ahmedabad-based Silver Touch Technologies believes that its SME clientele--which is in the Rs 300-500 crore bracket and mainly in the markets of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Delhi--is ripe for the use of BI solutions.


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