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4 tips to help CEOs find their CIO soulmate

Sarah K. White | June 3, 2015
Hiring the right CIO for your company goes beyond technological background. Here are four things to consider when searching for the right CIO for your business.

An ability to learn and grow is one of the most important skills for a CIO, and having a strong vision is crucial to constantly staying ahead of the curve. Especially in an industry where companies can quickly fall behind.

Company Culture
As with any job opening, you want to ensure that your CIO candidates are a good fit for the overall company culture. If your business model is more traditional and structured, you want a CIO who will understand that. On the flip side, if you run a more relaxed ship with a startup attitude, you will want to hire a CIO who can easily blend into that atmosphere.

A good CIO is willing to effect change in the corporate culture. For example, just because your company has an infrastructure it has relied on for years, maybe decades, doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed 

As a CEO, you want a CIO who is willing to tell you when the company needs to change for the better.

Your IT department can only be as good as your CIO, and a key component of a strong IT team is communication. Whether it's dealing with customers, vendors, or employees, a CIO needs to demonstrate strong communication skills so that the rest of the IT department will follow.

"Without proper integration of a CIO into your business' lines of communication, even the best CIO is bound to fail - so don't give your CIO an office next to the computer servers, and make sure communication is a top priority for your next CIO," says Sagalov.


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