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3 ways to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction

Sarah K. White | March 3, 2017
If you're trying to find a way to get honest employee feedback -- beyond annual reviews and surveys -- start by asking your workers these three questions.

It's an important question to not only ensure your teams are properly staffed and that they have the right resources, but it can also give more insight into team relationships. Even a fully staffed and well-budgeted department can suffer from internal office politics, which might affect satisfaction levels.

"Team-oriented organizations should establish common values among employees to create a supportive environment. This way, employees can learn from each other and give one another useful feedback -- both positive and constructive," says Sandhir.

Tucker says that management needs to lead these types of conversations so that employees feel they can always ask for help when they need it. "Oftentimes, employees will sit back and let things happen because they don't feel as though they have the support system to help them get out of a rut," he says.

If managers and other business leaders start the conversation, it can also help make workers feel more comfortable with being honest. And, as Tucker points out, it can boost engagement and motivation when employees see that "leaders take the time to ask how they are feeling."

Are you feeling acknowledged?

Sandhir points to research published in Harvard Business Review that suggests recognized employees are happier employees. To make sure your employees feel recognized at work, he says you can simply ask, "Are you acknowledged for your good work?"

"Asking this question allows organizational leadership to determine if their employees are getting enough acknowledgement -- which should go beyond praise in six-month reviews, annual service awards or traditional employee of the month certificates," he says.

Simply acknowledging and appreciating workers can go a long way and it doesn't require anything extravagant. There are simple ways to make employees feel recognized at work. Harvard Business Review encourages corporate transparency, public acknowledgement of accomplishments or even hand-written thank-you notes.

Of course, these questions are just a guideline for gauging employee satisfaction -- there are plenty of tools that can help you gather employee engagement data, but it can be as simple as increasing face time between managers and employees.

"Simply increasing face time between managers and employees can strengthen the relationship, which ultimately fosters genuine trust and feedback. Employers should also equip employees with the time and tools to have continuous coaching conversations with their managers," says Sandhir.


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