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2012 Trend: Grow at Limited Costs

Jack Loo & T.C. Seow | Feb. 1, 2012
Many are saying in 2012, CIOs will be looking to reduce overall costs, while investing in new things that can give overall competitive advantage. Some thoughts from industry players.

According to Frost & Sullivan, cloud adoption will grow at a compound average growth rate of 30 percent from 2010 to 2015. While the market continues to grow in 2012, competition will heat up as large enterprise service providers become increasingly concerted in building cloud offerings. Hybrid cloud computing which brings together external public cloud services and internal private cloud services; with capability to secure, manage and govern the entire cloud spectrum will also be a major focus in 2012.

"To increase efficiency, the public sector is now seeing the need to integrate and consolidate services from various agencies onto a one-stop platform," said Chong. "For example, a government cloud that will enable interoperability and standardisation, allowing common public services to be aggregated into a software-as-a-service model on the cloud, thereby streamlining processes across various agencies and maximising cost savings to the administration."

Mobility is the other major trend. Chong said: "With the democratisation of mobile technologies, we are seeing the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This has caused a shift in how governments communicate with their citizens. Websites and portals, governments have to address the increasing number of citizens who are looking for immediate information via their smart devices."

Figures from Frost & Sullivan show that the number of smartphones sold in Asia Pacific is expected to reach 100 million this year and by 2015; this number is expected to reach nearly 500 million. With usage in smart devices expected to take a giant leap in the near future, demands for government services on these platforms will only grow in tandem.

"Online and mobile technologies are fast becoming foundational in the government-to-citizen ecosystem, providing an exciting way forward to the next level of e-Government. We believe that organisations and governments alike will continue to invest and push the boundaries of technology, addressing security concerns and drive higher cloud adoptions. Other areas such as social media and the rising number of tech-savvy users are expected to drive technology growth that may drastically change the business environment we know today," said Chong.


Three Mega Trends to Consider

Stephen Yeo, CEO BT Southeast Asia, shares with CIO Asia on how three trends will impact and change the workplace.

"2012 should be a watershed year for technology, as the lines get increasingly blurred between personal and enterprise technology," said Yeo. "On the whole, technology will be more social, more connected, and increasingly more audio and video-controlled as real convergence takes place."

"There are three mega trends that we see in the coming year," he added. "First is the rise of unified communications and collaboration. While much of the technology has admittedly been around for a long time, we're seeing acceleration in the take-up for UCC, driven by the existence of stronger business cases to justify the investment in this capability."


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