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2012 Trend: Grow at Limited Costs

Jack Loo & T.C. Seow | Feb. 1, 2012
Many are saying in 2012, CIOs will be looking to reduce overall costs, while investing in new things that can give overall competitive advantage. Some thoughts from industry players.

"We see mobility very attractive in the B2B space - equipping the digital sales force of the future. For customers, expect multi-channel support to become more seamless, allowing a customer greater choice about where to do research, buy and get support for the services provided by companies. Organisations will need to use mobility across a wide variety of business processes and leverage the ability to assemble dynamic teams around specific needs, with speed," he added.

Business intelligence will be another focus area. "Business intelligence has spent quite some time optimising the limited data that a corporation has. In the future, an organisation will need to be able to analyse a combination of 'relatively clean' internal data with less controlled external data," he said. "Leading organisations will consume this data and the sentiments that it represents to get better insights into the needs of the customers and their employees. These organisations will also be able to differentiate what should be true, with what is actually happening and turn these insights into value generating solutions. This could be around customer loyalty, cross-selling or process re-engineering."

One advice Mayberry has for IT leaders and personnel in 2012 is to be nimble. He said: "Nimble organisations sense, learn and act. There are a myriad of new solutions and new technologies that can bring real value to an organisation. Engage a wider ecosystem of partners to tap into these lessons, sense what is important, what works and what doesn't. But most importantly, take these insights and turn them into action as soon as possible. It may be the only way to stay ahead of the Joneses."

Is the cup half-full or half-empty? That depends. For CIOs who look at this year as challenging but rewarding, they just might be making the right progress this year and beyond.


Cloud, Collaboration & Mobility

Despite predictions of a slowing economy in 2012, there lies ahead a silver lining in the cloud, according to Chong Kok Keong, senior vice president at CrimsonLogic.

"Gartner has predicted that worldwide enterprise IT spending will total US$2.7 trillion this year, an increase of 3.9 percent from 2011's spending of US$2.6 trillion. With public sector spending also on an upswing, it is clear that that many organisations in both the public and private sector will continue to embrace technology," said Chong. "We see the global IT spending as a reflection of government IT expenditure which will continue to grow, with a few strong catalysts such as cloud, collaboration and mobility, driving investments and gaining traction throughout the year."

With the increasing volume of information the public sector is faced with, coupled with a country's growing population, increasing connectivity of its people and businesses to access public information and services, on-demand scalability will be extremely relevant. Chong added: "With innovative solutions from service providers and clearer security policy guidance that are forthcoming, it is expected that cloud adoption will pick up pace and accelerate in the next 12 months for many organisations to benefit from the cloud."


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