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12 keys to creating an adaptable and agile organisation

Lou Markstrom | May 4, 2017
IT chiefs discuss what is necessary to create a sustain a culture of adaptability and agility.


6. Ensure the purpose of agility is clear

"Agility for agility's sake only belongs in a circus," Gibbon says. There must a goal, outcome or purpose that we are trying to reach when acting with agility. We have an endpoint in mind and take an agile and adaptable approach to getting there, he says.


7. Understand your boundaries

While we are building our adaptable organisations, we must also set boundaries as to where applying these principles would be detrimental and not support achieving our enterprise objective. Perhaps not following generally accepted accounting procedures in regards to our financial statements wouldn't be an area to apply being adaptable.


8. Create a culture of corporate courageousness

Gibbon says "forward moving organisations reward success while stagnant organisations punish failure." We must develop a positive view of failure. Fail fast, learn, adjust and act again. Failing small early will support larger success later.


9. Think about experience first

PwC's Clune states we must think from the experience we are creating first. Is the experience we are creating integrated? Is it intuitive? Is it clear and does is support working with each other?


10. Go beyond solving the moment

Clune adds that we must be thinking from the future. We must create platforms that go beyond solving the moment. For adaptability and agility, the foundations of what we create must have the ability to evolve along with the organisation.


11. Create a broad adoption strategy

The goal of the adoption strategy is to have people and technology come together at every level where we look at our space and technology as one and not separately. We utilise 'follow me anywhere' technology to support collaboration for the organisation, says Clune.


12. Build an ecosystem

The role that technology plays in creating an organisational environment is more important in the future than it has ever been in the past. We must upskill our people and teams to thrive inside the new space that is created.

The culture of agility and adaptability that we create in the ecosystem must eliminate the idea of technology transformation versus ecosystem transformation and progress with the understanding that they are one in the same.

Source: CIO Australia 


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