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11 ways to improve your IT team's productivity

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | Feb. 7, 2014
CIOs as well as other IT leaders and productivity experts share their top tips for improving workflow and getting the most out of your IT teams

7. Provide real-time feedback — both positive and negative. "Immediately and publicly recognize team members for accomplishments," says Halley Bock, CEO and president of Fierce, Inc., which provides leadership development and training. "Conversely, address issues or areas that need improvement privately, and immediately. Real-time performance feedback empowers individuals to take ownership of their work, builds trust and lets them know where they stand at all times."

8. Turn off distractions. "Block out working times department-wide where instant messenger is turned off and meetings are avoided," says Nathan Gilmore, cofounder, TeamGantt, a provider of Web-based Gantt chart software. "Having hours at a time of uninterrupted work can cause team productivity to soar."

9. Implement a smart pay-for-performance program. "At Halogen our employees set goals every quarter that tie into larger company objectives," says Abou-Seido. "As part of our pay-for-performance program, individual employee goals are tied to our Management by Objectives (MBO) program, which offers quarterly bonuses for achieving the set goals," he says.

"In addition to individual goals, team members also have shared goals, which encourage collaboration and teamwork. Employees work with their managers to set their goals, and, as such, are engaged in the process and highly motivated to achieve them," says Abou-Seido.

10. Offer development opportunities. "Give employees a chance to step up and take on a new challenge or increased responsibilities," says Bock. "Not only does the individual benefit from the development opportunity, it shows the entire team that there are learning and advancement opportunities available," she says. It also illustrates that as a leader, you're willing to take chances, and that you trust employees will try their best to be successful."

11. Nourish them. Literally. There's a reason companies like Google offer employees free food. "Make sure to keep your team well snacked," says Ginny Hunter, happiness trailblazer at Groopt, a provider of Seb design and communication tools.

"Sometimes we all just need a little snack break, whether it's a piece of fruit or an espresso, to keep us going through the day," Hunter says. And "it is much more convenient [and productive] to be able to grab something in the office instead of walking down the street."


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