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10 years from now, what do we expect from Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft?

By James Henderson | Aug. 18, 2016
Markets can flip overnight as new trends take over old and dominant players.

“Cloud services, custom silicon, and artificial intelligence are the key technologies that will shape the future growth of these five companies over the next 10 years, and although the application of these technologies is likely to come in many shapes and forms, there are sure to be similarities too,” he predicted.

While cloud services are operated from strategically positioned data centres, Edwards said much of what makes the cloud actually “work” is located under the sea in the form of cables that are capable of transmitting terabits of data per second.

“Undoubtedly, the location and routing of this cloud infrastructure will affect the lives of millions of people in the years ahead, just as having access to an electrical socket and telephone line did in the past,” he explained.

As a result, custom silicon, in the form of chips designed for specific uses, such as machine learning, holographic computing, and specialised computing devices, also features in the strategies of these companies.

“But it is artificial intelligence, powered by cloud-scale computing and custom silicon chips, that arguably presents the greatest opportunities,” he advised.

Therefore, as the market moves into the next era of technological innovation, the industry must ask another important question: What do we want these companies to do with that intelligence?

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