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10 tips for running a great IT meeting

Chloe Dobinson | Oct. 7, 2016
Planning, feedback and praise are among the top 10 ways to get the most from your IT meetings.

7. IT meeting tips: Keep it short and precise

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There is nothing worse than a meeting dragging on. One easy way to reduce employee boredom is to use a set timer and stick to those times for each meeting point or section. 

A round-up of key points at the end of the meeting should ensure employees leave feeling as though they have achieved what they have set out to and know what they have to do next.

8. IT meeting tips: Use multimedia

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Annual meetings can be data heavy, so using video, images and slideshows will make your meeting come alive.

Experimenting with different meeting styles and forms of media will not only engage your employees but can be a simple way to get people to communicate more and voice their opinions.

9. IT meeting tips: Don't be too corporate

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Don't be too corporate/r-hol

A stuffy and over-corporate approach to a meeting will never work. You should break down the meeting by engaging with team members, the use of multimedia can help team members concentrate and not dread the next IT meeting. 

Taking a more laid-back approach should result in employees joining in with debates and voicing ideas, rather than sitting silently (and probably bored) watching a powerpoint presentation.

10. IT meeting tips: Give praise

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A CIO should end or start an IT meeting with a positive attitude. Often giving praise to a particular team member on reaching a set target or solving an issue will signify they are recognised in their role and can help motivate others on their productivity.

Source: CIO UK


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