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10 tips for running a great IT meeting

Chloe Dobinson | Oct. 7, 2016
Planning, feedback and praise are among the top 10 ways to get the most from your IT meetings.

Meetings are essential for most organisations, but if done badly they can become almost counterproductive. 

Meetings - when done right - can inform, encourage and engage employees, boosting productivity and clarifying goals across the whole organisation.

1. IT meeting tips: Be prepared

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It's important to structure meetings around a detailed agenda. 

Creating an agenda will not only put you at ease, but will ensure the meeting doesn't drag on. A segmented meeting will make information easier for employees to take in.

Make sure all relevant data is exported and converted into meaningfull insights to be passed onto the whole team.

2. IT meeting tips: Have a purpose set goal

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A CIO should have a clear purpose of why they are conducting an IT meeting, and make sure all attendees are aware of the purpose of the meeting.

Most meetings require input from others so setting manageable goals, will let the team know what is expected of them and what targets are in place for that week, month or year (depending on the meeting).

3. IT meeting tips: Follow ups

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Following up from meetings is vital in making sure employees' voices are being heard. Reiterating the key messages of the meeting will help employees prioritise their workloads and ultimately contribute to the team reaching their goals.

4. IT meeting tips: Keep everyone engaged

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One of the biggest challenges for CIOs running meetings is keeping team members engaged during a long period of time.

Often discussions can go off topic and push the schedule back. The use of stories and analogies can personalise a meeting and ensure employees participate fully in the meeting.

Depending on your team, asking questions could create interaction within the meeting, sparking useful debates. Although this will not work for all meetings, and could lead you into a terrible 'tumbleweed' situation!

5. IT meeting tips: Encourage debates

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One of the most effective ways of communicating with employees is face-to-face meetings, offering open-discussions with work colleagues and senior leaders.

Team discussions will lead to fresh ideas and provide employees with an open-forum to demonstrate their knowledge or any issues they like to raise.

6. IT meeting tips: Present data in an engaging way

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The use of infographics and animation are a fun and creative way to enhance a successful IT meeting. It will catch the team member's attention, often lightening the mood and break down a heavy load of information. 

Graphics and animations are also a great way of promoting a key message throughout meeting presentations.


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