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6 business lessons of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Azmi Jafarey | Oct. 28, 2015
Rock, Paper, Scissors can teach us a lot about strategy. Here are six lessons IT leaders can learn from this simple game.

6. What appears to be a weakness could be a strength

Paper overcoming Rock – that is really out-of-the-box thinking. Paper has little intrinsic strength, can be easily torn. But it can cover Rock to overwhelm. Business has many examples of this where an ostensibly weak adversary overcomes a stronger opponent by using a new approach, often as an element of surprise.

Now you are ready to play to win.

There is a nice counter to the earlier story about the cheating robot. Recently, a brain implant was put into a paralyzed man. His mind is now able to control a robot arm by thought alone – a great medical breakthrough. Repeated practice is needed even for simple acts such as drinking beer. To play Rock, Paper, Scissors the practice has to be done 6,700 times.

Azmi Jafarey has held CIO and senior IT positions with Ipswitch, Vertical Communications and Artisoft.


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