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The worst thing about Infra-as-a-service is oversizing: Piyush Somani

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
CIOs should resist ‘Infra oversizing’ approach advocated by channels and consultants to move towards ‘pay-per-consume’ cloud model to reduce IT costs and business growth says Piyush Somani, MD & CEO, ESDS Software.

Five years back, it was estimated that the entire world will change architecture to make it similar to 3 tier architecture of ecommerce companies. They said all banks, telcos, and other big companies will change to three tier architecture, but that didn't happen. No banks have their core banking on cloud and not even a single telco worldwide is on cloud. It shows that cloud was so well marketed and projected.  The internet application which is a B2C application works very well with that model as you need thousands of VMs that can be load balanced. But when it comes to legacy enterprise applications and eneptirse databases, it does not work similar to B2C applications.

Every technology OEM like Microsoft, Amazon do have their own definition of Cloud. Comment.

Their cloud model is different as it is B2C focused cloud. Our cloud is more on B2B plus B2C. Their clouds don't not work with B2B. For example, B2B would be like a core banking solution used by banking staff, SAP HANA used by own staff, Oracle Siebel for telco. B2B does not work with them.

We offer the real time auto scaling of resources compared to other cloud services. The true element of cloud is also when the customers pay what they consume rather than pay for allocated resources. We have been able to achieve vertical and horizontal scaling that differentiates us form competition.

We have utility based models by other providers which is pay per use. But there should be a flexible factor built in for the exact time of consumption of a unit of a resource. The true nature of cloud is scalability, flexibility, agility and real time without shutdown. Cloud has to be like an electric bill.

People have not defined pay per use clearly as it has to be customized as per applications' usage for end customer. ESDS has innovated in terms of infra as a service and  this translates into benefits for customers' enterprise applications in a cost optimized model.

What's been your company's report card globally and in India in past one year?

We have strong presence in UK serving 35000 customers and more than 2 million websites are hosted by us. The focus in UK is with SMBs like web masters, individuals with shopping or ecommerce, smaller applications, smaller websites across various verticals. We do have a few government customers in UK including many councils and a few enterprise customers.

But India business is focused on B2B enterprises where they need a lot of compute power and managed services. They have been using pay per consume model as they do not know the nuances of sizing the infrastructure.


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