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Stay away from universal all-in-one type appliances: Mark Riley, ContentKeeper

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
Network designers and CIOs should look at each network security component individually and make a choice based on the capabilities of that component, says Mark Riley, CTO, ContentKeeper.

What five big changes have you seen in enterprise IT world since 2015 as CTO of a technology OEM? How is ContentKeeper staying in sync with these trends?

The five major items of change as I have seen them are:  Internet link bandwidth increases, increases in SSL traffic, large scale mobile security deployments, cloud computing, and improved US and Indian IT economy. 

ContentKeeper Traffic Distributor / Load Balancer is a core component that is addressing the increased bandwidth requirements. The high bandwidth third-generation SSL Inspection system looks after the increase in SSL traffic volume. ContentKeeper Mobile is our mobile security product supporting iOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome and Android platforms.  For cloud computing, we are currently working to roll out ContentKeeper Cloud Secure Gateway product for Indian market. Lastly, ContentKeeper is recording massive growth in the US market, along with extremely strong sales in the Indian market.

Please list a few good reasons for CIOs to work with Contentkeeper.

When ContentKeeper is approached by a potential customer for product evaluation, we are always delighted when the organization comments on the large network performance advantage ContentKeeper demonstrates over others. We often receive the comment that the number of appliances and the complexity of our solution is always more elegant and technically advanced than any competitor's.

The solution's elegance is liked by our prospects and customers, who also appreciate our industry knowledge and professionalism.

Mobile usage will continue to grow as we all expect.  The amount of machine-to-machine traffic present on the Internet will grow massively as IoT becomes pervasive and this will present its own set of challenges. ContentKeeper Cloud Sandbox, Behavioral Analysis System and our patented Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering System will be leveraged for protection against the next generation of network threats.

Source: Computerworld India 


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