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SDN and NFV are the real integral gears of modern infra: Ken Cheng, Brocade

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
The power of networking infra is moving from hardware to SDx and we are leading that industry transition, says Ken Cheng, CTO, Brocade.

How much are tech vendors responsible for jargon like NFV and SDN? Do they confuse the decision makers?

There is a need to educate CIOs and CTOs on these terms and the new technologies. Help them clearly understand terms like IoT, smart city, etcetra. We guide them to understand the timing and the readiness of a particular technology so that they make plans based on reality.

M&As are happening in the corporate world across sectors like hotels, retail, pharma, etcetra. Does that open an opportunity for you and your implementation partners?

M&As mean that the world of networks will always be heterogeneous. Very few environments will have a single vendor, particularly when people are transitioning from hardware based infra to NFV to SDN.

Any M&A activity actually gives us the opportunity to differentiate ourselves, because the network vendor who can provide services and applications on heterogeneous networks to facilitate the transition will be highly valued.

What's your list of best practices for CTOs in India?

CTOs needs to promote openness for the new digital era. Have an open mind for open source and try to prioritize the processes on open interfaces. They should drive an efficient and agile development process that allows companies to deliver products quickly. We often say, 'How you build products is more important than what product you build'.

Compete for talent at all cost because that's how you win new markets. And finally, CTOs should look at global trends and perhaps be more prepared and develop a vision that helps the organization stay one step ahead of the competition.

What technologies will you pick as winners in 2016?

My top technology bets for 2016 and beyond would be: Machine learning, analytics, edge computing, virtualization and IoT.

Source: Computerworld India 


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