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Q&A: UXC Connect CEO, Ian Poole - Building opportunity in a fractured market

Allan Swann | Dec. 10, 2014
The UXC Connect boss sees nothing but opportunity in 2015 - for those companies willing to take the leap.

They're all managed services. Our business has a large managed services component and that works very well with our infrastructure components.

In terms of our significant infrastructure builds, we picked up two hospitals, one was Lady Cilento hospital in Brisbane, the other was Gold Coast University Hospital.

AS: So what will be UXC Connect's key focus for 2015? More of the same?
IP: We are seeing more and more opportunities in managed services. We are also going to be involved in service management, which is something we're about to launch.

It's a slightly different model to managed services. Whereas managed services is going in there and managing a component of a clients business, service management is providing a service management overlay to a lot of the outsourcing organisations. It's the inbetween for a lot of organisations that are providing services to a client, and running the SLAs, and the IT framework back to the client. Its going to be a high grade area for us.

So the focus remains, building outcomes for our clients, our managed services offerings and the link between managed services and providing the infrastructure build for clients.

AS: What do you think will be the key themes for the industry as a whole across 2015?
IP:There will potentially be some major consolidation in the vendor side. A lot of them now overlap in certain areas, so there may be some serious M&A.

In Australia around services provisioning there will be certainly be greater amounts of consumption models, more as a service -- consumerisation is going to be bigger. No ones going to spend a lot on capex anymore.

Finally, its about that journey to the Cloud -- when you're in there managing a client you can also manage them as an organisation and help direct them where to go here.

AS: You mentioned consolidation in 2015 -- is that something UXC Connect is going to be looking at too? Do you have your eyes on any acquisitions?
IP: In our view, and you know UXC Connect is quite an acquisitive organisation to say the least, in our business we're always looking at acquisitions that can assist our go-to-market.

Purchasing a customer base is less important these days, its more about producing outcomes and looking at solution provisioning for the future. Basically, if building something organically doesn't work for us, then we'll always look for an acquisition to fill that hole.

AS: Last words?
IP: We're in the middle of a very exciting time. There's huge opportunities out there. Firstly, you have to be aware of what your customers are doing and what they want, and secondly you have to be able and willing to drive change in your business.


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