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Q&A: UXC Connect CEO, Ian Poole - Building opportunity in a fractured market

Allan Swann | Dec. 10, 2014
The UXC Connect boss sees nothing but opportunity in 2015 - for those companies willing to take the leap.

Customers want to manage more and more data, whether that's remotely, or whether they need to upgrade their wired or wireless networks.

The second major issue is the consumption model. More and more organisations are coming to us and are wanting to look at pay as they use, rather than major capex builds and support.

The third thing that's happening as a result of Cloud moving down the stack is what is the customer's journey to the Cloud? What should they put in the public Cloud, and what shall they put in the private Cloud, what is hybrid, and how can I make it all secure?

What kind of skills do you need? What can you do for me? What applications can I move to the Cloud? It's a big consultant piece for us. Again, that's right up our alley.

The other big mover for us is around mobility. Enterprise mobility is just getting stronger and stronger. They want more mobile devices, and access to their data on mobile.

That too is outcome based, so more and more customers want to work with us on a consultancy basis.

AS: BYOD and mobile seems to have gone off the boil in the industry as a priority, hasn't Cloud solved a lot of that?
IP: What we see with a lot of organisations is that they move from on-premise into the Cloud, and they will go through a number of stages relating to virtualisation. So they'll virtualise their servers, virtualise their desktops, and once you've virtualised your desktop, you really open the world for mobility. So that's an opportunity.

AS: So what have been some of your key wins in 2014 that have led to UXC's ongoing growth?
IP: We've had some big wins in health, education, government and utilities -- probably our big four areas of focus at the moment. We won five pretty significant managed services contracts last year.

Firstly, Melbourne Water, which is a big managed service client for us. We did everything from manage the datacentre, the network, and the end user compute. We have a significant number of people onsite there managing it all, and a service desk. That was a big win for us, around $20 million.

The second big win was the managed services around Aviva Energy (formerly shell), the third one we did was Virgin Airlines Australia, where we run their service desk. The next one was Hudson, so a managed service desk there too.

Another big one for us was Fletcher Construction in New Zealand. We're going to be building on that one too, it started out as just a service desk offering.


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