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Q&A: Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov

Julia Talevski | Dec. 4, 2014
Founder of Acronis talk about his comeback to the business, the changes that have been made and the company's first summit held in Singapore.

Serguei Beloussov is one of the founders and currently the CEO of backup and disaster recovery software vendor, Acronis. He maintains 21-year track record in building, growing and leading high-performing, multi-national tech companies in North America, Europe and Asia. He is also a senior partner at Runa Capital venture fund, executive chairman of Parallels, co-founder of venture fund, Qwave Capital which supports advanced quantum technologies. He is also a founder, main investor and chairman of cloud ERP vendor, Acumatica.

Beloussov left Acronis after a few years, but has stepped back at the helm in the past 18 months. He spoke to ARN's Julia Talevski about his comeback to the business, the changes that have been made and their first partner summit held in Singapore.

What were your reasons for leaving and coming back to Acronis?
I was the company founder and majority shareholder, but I was not really involved in day to day operations. I was focused on running another company called Parallels and then I started a venture fund. I only came back to Acronis about a year ago and from that point onwards we had a lot of changes.

I have a very simple formula for running the company. We want to do some useful and good things that are valuable to our customers. We want to make money, grow and we want to be number one. These are the three things I want to do, and I believe I can grow the company 10 fold in a relatively short time from a multi-hundred million dollar business to a multi-hundred billion dollar business, in terms of revenue. Acronis has revenues of more than $US150 million.

Our strategy is highly partner focused and everything we do is through partners. We don't do any direct business, so if we can make money, that means our partners can make money and be the leaders in their field.

When you first founded the business, did you ever think it would get to the point where it is today?
I started a slightly different business back then and I split Acronis off that business in 2004 formally. Acronis was a very simple company at the time, it was just focused on backup. Today it's focused on backup, disaster recovery, secure access and storage. It was about making money by doing useful products. We never thought it would grow that big, but if you choose the right market segment and focus on the right strategy, then you'll grow as big as the market segment allows.

We have offices in 18 countries and we moved our headquarters from Boston in US, to Singapore. We co-ordinate a lot of our sales and marketing activities from Singapore now.


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