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Promoting an employee empowered environment

Adrian M. Reodique | Oct. 5, 2016
Francisco Castillo, CIO of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad), talks about his leadership style, and shares words of wisdom to upcoming IT leaders.

In Maynilad, for instance, Kiko said they keep a documentation of each employee's tasks to keep track of the works that were accomplished. In case someone resigns, the documents should provide the new employee with the background of the projects.

For new project managers, the company has developed an immersion programme, in which they will be tasked to observe personnel assigned to one team each week to learn more about how the team operates. They will also shadow a more experienced project manager, said Kiko.

Responding to emerging technologies

As technology becomes ingrained in every point of businesses, Kiko said it is important to be always on the lookout for new tools that can be adopted to improve the processes in their organisation.

As such, Kiko said he makes time to attend vendor presentations and seminars, as well as chat with peers to learn about new technologies and techniques.

He advised IT leaders to first analyse how the product can add value to their organisations before integrating it to their systems. "When I see a new technology, the first questions I ask myself are how can we use this, and is it feasible to implement it?"

Finally, it is important to gather the insights and feedback of the business users before deploying the new tool. "They have to want it; otherwise, we don't do the project because the worst thing you can do is to drive the project purely from a technical point of view. That way, you're doomed, because the business is not going to use it," Kiko explained.

Be Innovative

"Don't reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of good practices out there that could make your learning much faster -If you just adopt those best practices, [things will] become easier." Photo by: Adrian M. Reodique 

In August this year, Kiko published his first sole authored book titled "Managing Information Technology" (Springer, Germany) which is a compilation of all the "best practices" he acquired from the IT field.

"[I thought] why not talk about all the best practices I've learnt because you find a lot of books talking about technology or specific technologies but I've never found a book on how to manage an IT organisation. I haven't seen any, so I'm trying to fill the gap," he said. 

Most of the lessons that Kiko wants to impart with IT leaders through the book are in the areas of managing projects and operations, and applying governance.

Meanwhile, Kiko described the technology industry as challenging, yet, an interesting one.

Bearing this in mind, he encourages every upcoming IT leader to devote time to expand their knowledge by reading, as well as research on best practices in IT and business processes and try applying them to their organisations.

"Don't reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of good practices out there that could make your learning much faster -If you just adopt those best practices, [things will] become easier," he concluded.  


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