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Nir Zuk: The Man Who Changed the Rules of the Network Security Game

Zafar Anjum | June 11, 2015
In this exclusive interview with CIO Asia, Nir Zuk, the founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks, one of the world’s fastest growing network security companies, discusses his journey as a security solutions innovator and leader and shares his unique vision of how enterprises and governments can secure themselves from unwanted attacks

"The second thing that you need to do is to have information," he added. "You need to collect a lot of data about attacks so that you will force the attacker to try many ways to invade you. You need to have data about bad things and about good things, so that quickly you could tell if something is good or bad. And for that we have to collect information from as many sources as possible, including the government and other vendors."

But will governments and other vendors cooperate on this? What is Palo Alto Network doing in this regard, I asked him. "We are collecting a lot of information from our customers," he said. "We also started a coalition of different vendors such as Symantec, Fortinet and MacAfee to share attack information."

Message to CEOs and CIOs

His messages to the CEOs, CIOs and CXOs is very sharp and clear, that also underlines the broad philosophy of his company. "Start looking at security as a whole, holistically," he said. "What I am seeing globally today is that companies are still focused on buying individual security solutions. They are not even thinking about what problem they are going to solve. I recommend that they take a step back, they sit down and think: who is going to attack me. What they going after? And how they are going to do it and then design security infrastructure to deal with it. Today, everything is upside down. First think about the problem and then build a solution to solve the problem. We think that the platform approach is the best way to deal with the problem." 



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