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IT career roadmap: Research scientist

Sharon Florentine | July 14, 2016
Amanda Stent's interest in music has helped advance her career as a research scientist as much as her mathematics and computer science background has.

This could manifest in innovation that helps media consumers better track ongoing stories like a plane crash, or a political election over time. With so much content in varying forms -- written, video, wire stories, interviews, analysis -- available at a moment's notice, it's important to filter information and present the most relevant, hard-hitting aspects of a large story to deal with information overload and irrelevant data, she says.

The best and brightest

For Stent, the best part of her job is working with many of the most brilliant, innovative and creative minds in the field. Her advice to anyone thinking of a software or engineering research role is to first understand that it takes a lifelong commitment to learning and continual innovation, and then to understand that by necessity, failure has to be part of the job.

"We are inventing the future, so there's always going to be failure, sometimes over and over again, until something succeeds. You have to be incredibly stubborn and be able to deal with what feels like endless frustration, because the moments when you have a breakthrough -- that's the splendor of it all," she says.


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