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Introducing the new Citrix

John Dix | June 29, 2016
CEO Kirill Tatarinov outlines the company’s position and new focus

Do you think most people still associate the bulk of the company with virtual desktops? 

Absolutely. We've done a number of surveys and that's what every external survey reinforced.  Citrix is an incredibly trusted brand.  People really like working with Citrix.  People know Citrix for one or a couple of things and they don't understand the longterm vision and strategy and that's what we need to explain.

You read about CEOs coming in with 100-day plans or something similar.  Do you have a calendar like that?

There are logical milestones which drive a number of things we're working on, like our user conference at the end of May. But what's driving the urgency in my actions is getting us on a different growth trajectory for 2017.  To make that happen, the groundwork needs to be happening right now so we can complete the planning through the end of the year. 

In terms of competition, you're in some distinctive markets but who do you view as your top competitor?

If think it's pretty hard to find somebody who provides this complete end-to-end value.  I would never say Citrix is unique in what we do, but this amalgamation of four elements does give us an ability to offer a unique value proposition.  But there are competitors in every category.

How about VMware?

Well, they square up directly in the virtualization area, and I think over the years they have made a lot of claims, some true, some not, and to a degree Citrix has been soft in our approach to competition, but we are seeing some good wins.  We are seeing good momentum.  We see some very interesting takebacks and we are going to be more vocal about those.

Microsoft is a Citrix partner, but as they push their tools into the cloud and make it possible for me to access those resources from anywhere, why do I need Citrix?

First of all, you need to bring your past into the future, and that's one aspect of what we do.  Networking plays an important role.  Microsoft is a big customer of NetScaler because it enables some key scenarios that, frankly, Microsoft doesn't have. 
And even for applications considered to be modern, many customers want to run them in virtualized mode. 

Take Skype for Business.  Microsoft aspires to have Skype for Business as a native experience on any device, but many large enterprises have significant control requirements.  They want Skype for Business wrapped, run centrally and delivered to devices through a Citrix receiver, and that's a very strong partnership we announced with Microsoft in January.

Does the adoption of other SaaS applications reduce or increase the need Citrix?


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