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Introducing the new Citrix

John Dix | June 29, 2016
CEO Kirill Tatarinov outlines the company’s position and new focus

Going back to your product mix, I presume Workspace still accounts for the bulk of sales?

Workspace is still the core of Citrix.  It's the largest segment.  This is where we have the most customers.  It's back to growth and we want to continue to accelerate that growth. NetScaler is the second largest and ShareFile and Enterprise Mobility, they're emerging but they are high growth.

If someone wants to buy some components but use their existing network kit instead of brigning in NetScaler, is that possible?

Well, we don't require it, but if you want certain capabilities you can only get them through NetScaler.  If you're buying XenMobile and you want MicroVPN for applications management, you need NetScaler.  Most people would have a variety of ADC vendors with a range of applications.  When you go into a large company you'll find F5, A10, NetScaler, and they would be all playing their own game. 

In NetScaler we are a relative newcomer. We want to make it better known and we want to make sure people understand that we are a networking business, and that networking helps us drive the rest of our business.  In many cases, NetScaler is an enabler for XenApp and Desktop or for XenMobile.  It allows us to get our foot in the door and then expand, a land-and-expand strategy.  You come in with a suite, you demonstrate success and then you go beyond that.  I'm starting to see that as a trend. 

As described by you, the pieces you are focused on fit together neatly, while it wasn't always possible to say that about Citrix.

Citrix has been a product company and very good at pitching individual products to IT implementers.  That's been the target audience for many, many years.  I think we've outgrown that mode of operation and must now articulate our end-to-end vision and strategy and engage more with IT decision-makers and business professionals to articulate how Citrix actually enables digital transformation.

What work still needs to be done? Is it product development? Getting the team to work better? 

It's a combination of factors.  It's establishing one Citrix where everything works to the same blueprint.  This has been an ongoing discussion with the team and our ecosystem and is absolutely part of what we need to work on. We need to set up common operating principles.  We need to establish a common framework for mission strategy and lay the groundwork for teamwork.

The analogy I use with my team is, we have a great structure that needs maintenance and a bit of renovation, but it's a great foundational structure and we absolutely want to move it forward.  We have an amazing culture and a tremendous amount of support from customers. People genuinely want to see Citrix succeed. 


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