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Introducing the new Citrix

John Dix | June 29, 2016
CEO Kirill Tatarinov outlines the company’s position and new focus

Speaking of focus, outline for us Citrix's new position.

Citrix is focusing on the secure delivery of apps and data. With that we have four core areas:

* Virtualization. A foundational element, which is essentially how Citrix got started many years ago, is the access point that people use to get virtualized apps and desktops. This business has more than 400,000 customers. It is an amalgamation of core elements: applications, virtualization, desktop virtualization and delivery.

And now, as we plan for the future, we are embracing new ways people can access their virtualized apps and desktops through the cloud. There's a clear and continuous shift and demand for complete end-to-end delivery from the cloud and we're watching that closely. For example, we give customers a choice of keeping the virtualized desktops on premise or hosting them with a partner or putting them in Amazon's or Azure's cloud, and we're still analyzing how this can be best optimized for future customers. 

* Mobility. Another core pillar for us is mobility, which is tightly aligned with app and desktop virtualization. All of our products enable customers to be mobile and secure, plus we have specific products in the market. We have an enterprise mobility management suite called XenMobile.The most critical part of enterprise mobility management is mobile application management, which essentially allows people to bring their own devices and access corporate applications and data, which can all be supported by IT.

This enables IT to help secure the business and users by controlling what users can store, how they can store it, how they can wrap it, how they can access it, and what they can access.  That's very important and an interesting area of focus for us. Plus, we also support the full IT-controlled mode of MDM as part of our mobility management solutions.

* Networking. The third area of focus is our networking business, which includes our NetScaler platform. The solution we have spans several key network elements:  it's an ADC, a gateway and it is a software-defined WAN. It's software so it can be deployed in different ways. It can also tie together with our Xen family, both in XenApp and XenDesktop, optimizing access, and it integrates with XenMobile. As an example, together XenMobile with NetScaler let us provide something called a MicroVPN that enables you to create VPNs on a per app basis. 

Going back to the mobile application management scenario, if for example, a device is not enrolled, is not managed, and there is no VPN available, we can support a microservice that manages and secures access for individual apps. This is enabled by NetScaler and is something only Citrix can do.


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