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‘In every disruptive change there is an opportunity’: Anant Gupta, CEO, HCL Technologies

Zafar Anjum | Dec. 12, 2014
“You have to cannibalize to survive in the future,” says Anant Gupta in this freewheeling interview with CIO Asia online Editor, Zafar Anjum. “If you don’t cannibalize your own business, someone else will. In every disruptive change there is an opportunity. It is a question of watching it and cannibalizing it.”

"Ideapreneurship has spawned unique ideation platforms like 'Value portal' where employees generate ideas for customers, 'MAD JAM' where HCLites think of new business ideas and propositions for the company and 'Lead gen' which is a forum to capture sales leads from the frontline. As of date our employees have created US$500 million revenue impact for the company through these platforms."

What are the new technologies that HCL Tech is focusing on? How are these new technologies going to affect its business? "We are, as you know, in the IT Services business and in that context we have created some 5 new themes which we feel will drive the Gen 2.0 growth momentum for us," he said. "The first of these themes is our 'Enterprise of the Future' proposition  which is based on a framework that enables organizations to establish, adopt, and manage complex IT environments by amalgamating people, processes, and technology. The framework integrates multiple clouds and enables unified service aggregation and management."

"From an ASM (Application Support and Maintenance) perspective, we have built what we call as the ALT ASM proposition which is based on the concept of Proactive Obsolescence in ASM and is creating a paradigm shift in applications outsourcing. While other IT Vendors are motivated to keep growing their ASM engagement, we proactively try to kill it."

"In BPO we have augmented our pitch to a unique technology driven proposition that enables reduction in cost of business operations; we call it EFaaS (Enterprise Function as a Service). While traditional IT and BPO focuses only on optimizing IT costs, EFaaS integrates business process with IT and infrastructure to give cost savings at every level. Fourthly we are evolving Engineering and R&D Services folio to now offer Engineering Outsourcing which is a first of its kind an end-to-end proposition in the IT Engineering space."

"Last but not the least are our Digital Systems Integration solutions and services which enable traditional organizations to compete against 'born digital' competitors through a strategy called reborn digital, which analyzes and connects the organization's legacy systems, assesses its readiness for the digital age, and addresses the challenges through solutions that create a complete digital enterprise."

Future of HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is already a US$5.4 billion company now. What's the next goal post for HCL Technologies? "We don't have a number put to our vision statement," he said. "I think we have certain matrix that will continue to drive us. The common theme, however, will be what we call the 'Relationships beyond the contract'. When you take that framework and go to matrix below it, that's really what we are looking at. If you look at customer retention-that's a matrix that's more relevant. How does the needle move in our customer base? What's our cross-sell index? We have multiple services and multiple propositions. How do they move in one large engagement? Are we only doing infrastructure? Are we also doing applications? We have a service adoption index which we track. I think these are the measures by which we drive. The other point is we will be only in those businesses in which we are in the top three."



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