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Digital augments CIO - CMO equation in modern organisations: Chris Powell, Commvault

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
New age marketing tools empower us to deliver customised content and probably helps speed the decision making for buyers of enterprise IT, says Chris Powell, CMO at Commvault.

In some cases, IT infrastructure department needs archival solution while the next level of business needs compliance too. Hence there will be different needs across business units of an enterprise with respect to data protection and data management strategy. 

In the marketing department of a OEM organisation, we can have a lot of messaging around SaaS applications that's incredibly powerful. But it is also dangerous as many companies put customer data and sensitive information and many are not aware on its presence on the cloud and the duration. The data in datacentre is now moving into SaaS, multiple cloud, mobile and CIOs truly understand the need to maintain relevance but also avoid the business owners going rogue. We need to make companies not devolve into wild wild west.

Any do's for CMOs of corporate world while purchasing enterprise technologies and dealing with OEMs? 

CMOs should look at the lens through three areas of smarter content, smarter targeting and smarter execution. Smarter Content for CMOs trying to advance forward need to employ people who have understanding of how to develop content that can put to social media and develop content which is easy to consume.

We practised smarter targeting in commvault and more companies will do it in the future - employing data scientists. We built a data scientist group within commvault marketing group to fundamentally change the manner of targeting C-level execs. It is about lot of utilisation of data and putting propensity models and then do predictive modelling which is the key to do things much smarter.

Smarter execution is the final one. Especially in some of growth markets, marketing equals bringing coffee and doughnuts at the events. We need to evolve the science and art of marketing. Just like brand does not equal logo, marketing shouldn't equal events alone. 

More data, more complexity means more business for companies like CommVault.

More data for sure. The more complexity is the danger we face that we need to put a layer of simplification. It's not about managing the complexity for the business that complexity is masked and managed automatically.

They key to this revolution is -  if you are relying on 10 people in your datacentre to keep things together, writing scripts and make all this work, you are waiting for something to go wrong. And eventually something will go wrong. The more you automate, the more you free up other resources. 

But for sure, I am extremely happy to be in an area with data growth and the need to provide that value to manage it, we see it as an opportunity for us.


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