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Digital augments CIO - CMO equation in modern organisations: Chris Powell, Commvault

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
New age marketing tools empower us to deliver customised content and probably helps speed the decision making for buyers of enterprise IT, says Chris Powell, CMO at Commvault.

What are typical pain points of CIOs with respect to data management strategy? 

The complexity of the networks has been thrust upon everyone. Maybe many CIOs have found themselves running seven or eight software packages with data spread across separate environments of traditional datacentre, cloud, virtualised environment, and couple of clouds sprung up, people accessing mobile devices across the planet etcetera. Virtual repository capability of CommVault collates all kinds of data at one location. If the customers want to move data between AWS and Azure Cloud, CommVault is the only provider to facilitate it. The data movement between VMware and Hyper-V is possible only with CommVault. 

Many companies of various sizes when told to do 'more with less' or 'more with same' point to the important aspect of people resources. If let's say 8 out of 10 people keep wheels on bus for CIOs, then implementing a solution that simplifies the environment can free up two to three resources (which we have seen with CommVault solutions) which can be shifted to business innovation. It is also about practicality of much higher percentage of CIO staff used to keep the lights on.

Has the equation changed between CIO and CMO at  organizations? Who's calling the shots for IT projects? 

From my history at SAP and here at Commvault it's not the case of CIO role getting diminished but it has changed. Similarly CMO role has changed with the technology change and business necessity is driving that valuable conversation. IT companies not only want bullet proof products with more or less the same money, but many CEOs today demand innovation.

I look at the role of CMO as working hand in hand with CIOs because I need that technical expertise. Sometimes folks think they can go around CIOs but that doesn't help. Really intelligent CIOs are seeking inputs from business owners as they try to innovate the business and smart business owners are looking for guidance from CIOs.

A decade ago when marketing departments wanted to speak with CIOs, we were 17th on the list of priorities and it was very difficult. That's changed now to a big extent.

Do pre sales, marketing speak to more CXOs or business stakeholders of the companies than just CIOs as most IT demand is emerging out of IT team.

As we are traditionally in data protection and data management space, many LOB leaders will figure out the ways they can benefit from our technology but they are not sure in this part of the world. Now, we see our opportunity not necessarily trying to tell directly to them but rather enable CIOs to have the broader conversations within their companies. 


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