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Digital augments CIO - CMO equation in modern organisations: Chris Powell, Commvault

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
New age marketing tools empower us to deliver customised content and probably helps speed the decision making for buyers of enterprise IT, says Chris Powell, CMO at Commvault.

Digital tools give that visibility to have the conversation and a different kind of engagement with the customer. We can absolutely track companies or buyers who look for information and it's not just information to buy. Commvault found with its digital properties that many companies come to the website to get educated while establishing the roadmap. And our ability to know who they are and target some of that messaging - we believe - helps with the close rates but also probably speeds up decision making.

Tech OEMs' often overdo the jargons like cloud, big data, IoT in their messaging. What has been your experience? 

Sometimes you have to. For things like SEO you get people into the tent - if you will - and that needs usage of common terminology because that's what people are looking for. 

We don't want to walk away from it. But at the same time, we do see an important gap between companies talking hype and the reality. It feels like hype at times because there is so much out there and it takes some time for companies to realise the benefits of newer technologies in real ways. Like IoT will undoubtedly revolutionise many aspects of business, society and personal lives. If my fridge will not die for another 5 years, I will not buy a new one that talks to the internet.

It's the same with marketing as we want to stay relevant as provider of leading -edge technology in data protection space. We see ourselves as enabling the transformation with the product history of traditional and new environments.

As the hype comes, we take customers on that journey with the product history of traditional and new environments.From marketing stand point, it's quite a struggle to balance and we don't want to put our terminology which is just hype. We generally combat the jargons with proof points in our every message and really talk on the distinct advantage of Commvault in the market.

How much are research analysts responsible to overhyping newer technologies - many of which are still some way from effective deployment?

They are sort of completely responsible but I don't think that's necessarily a negative thing. The analysts often serve and together with thought leaders in companies are trying to move the companies forward. The benefits that companies can derive with new technologies are tremendous in terms of efficiency, saving money and reducing risks. But the real upside is to get the value from the data. 

I look at the analysts as often being those that facilitate and help us understand who's who (OEMs) are on cutting edge and how more companies can get on that maturity cycle.


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