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‘Device-as-a-Service’ to amplify PC and Printing market in India: Rajiv Srivastava, HP Inc

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
The opex model for devices will help increase sales but importantly inflict less burden on Capex for Indian companies, says Rajiv Srivastava, MD India at HP Inc., India.

It's an era of 'Everything as a Service' in modern IT world. Saas, IaaS, PaaS and many more. HP Inc. introduced 'Device-as-a-Service' for enterprises in India to help them transform their businesses in a cost effective manner.

Why should enterprises in India go for Device as a service? "The model provides much simple (from buying and managing perspective) process from earlier complex and capex-intensive one, it is more optimized from cost perspective (Opex model) and lastly it takes technology obsolesce out of the business,"says Rajiv Srivastava, Managing Director, HP Inc., India.

What are the distinctive opportunities with the launch of Device-as-a-Service in India?

Device-as-a-Service in my opinion has a tremendous potential. And the reason I say that is the modern day challenges for enterprises is that they are dealing with complexity, they are dealing with cost of operations and they are dealing with obsolescence of technology.

Device-as-a-Service takes care of each one of them. It gives a device, it gives a lifecycle management and it takes away their application availability and portability. And at the end of lifecycle of the device, a technology update is provided.

Importantly everything is at an an opex than capex. It just makes it so convenient for customers to focus on their business and leave complexity of IT management - which is becoming complex day by day - to expert technology providers like us.

Any roadblocks you foresee in terms of people or capex intensive verticals like banks, IT/ITes continuing with traditional investment in printers and PCs?

We have converted lot of many capex customers to opex in the managed print services. We launched MPS two years ago wherein we saw many of the customers buying a capex model for printing devices, printing supplies move over to opex model (supply print on per-page basis).

We see MPS trend extending into the devices space. If printers as a device can be bought as a managed basis, why cannot one procure desktops and laptops?

I don't foresee any roadblocks unless the requirement is too simple or it is individual customer base, then device as a service might not work. But it will surely appeal and once deployed benefit enterprises, mid-market and large SMBs.

What spectrum of products and solutions of HP Inc. will feature under this service?

Printing, PCs, laptops etcetera will get covered as part of this service. And from spectrum of services perspective, we believe certain verticals lending themselves more to this model easily are financial services, banking insurance (opening various accounts with huge volume sales). And also industry with lot of outbound salesforce - sales or services. For example companies with showroom activities like automobile companies.


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