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Delivering cultural change and the future of Eurostar

Chloe Dobinson | June 13, 2017
Chief Information Officer Laurent Bellan shares how he is delivering cultural change & future of Eurostar in an in-depth Q&A.

How are you training staff members?
Bellan: "That is also a big challenge for us we are getting them trained in using the cloud. We have also tried to give them projects, sometimes small projects where they start using new technologies. In some cases we are challenging some of the team members to do a new application, for example, in using a new technology that they don't know and to learn it. I also mentor some other people and use that new technology but you have to be patient for them to learn it rather than hiring a contractor for them to learn it."

How are you ensuring an understanding of IT at board level?
Bellan: "I am kind of lucky because Eurostar is not a large company there is only 1500 people and technology is not seen as a support function. We are part of the business teams and we work very closely with some of the executive commissioners for projects. I find that people are very engaged and something we do is to deliver value quickly and help solve some of the business problems as quickly as we can. By quickly I mean less than six months but some projects cannot be done this way."

What does the future hold for Eurostar?
Bellan: "Hopefully the future is bright for Eurostar because we have invested in a new fleet of trains. At the end of the year we plan to have a new destination going to Amsterdam and we are actively working on developing some new products and services by selling train tickets plus hotels so we are really embracing the digital transformation while also working hard on providing digital technology."


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