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CIO reflects on a career of successful turnarounds

Martha Heller | Aug. 4, 2016
Looking back on a number of different corporate turnaround experiences, Marty Miner, CIO of Leidos, found that organisational design is key to success.

7. Make the necessary cuts

At one point in his career, the parent company of a subsidiary that was losing a huge amount of money asked Miner to step in as CEO and turn it around. "It was not a pretty picture," says Miner. "The product was brilliant, but the sales organisation was ineffective and there was no one focused on channels."

In fact, during the two years before Miner came on board, the sales team had hit a mere nine percent of its quota each year. "In the meantime, the engineering organisation was sized for a $50 million company while generating only $12 million in revenue, resulting in losing $32 million from the bottom line," he says.

To turnaround the company, Miner had to make some major cuts. While he never enjoys layoffs, Miner approached the reductions by including the existing management team in the decisions and using a philosophy that guides all of his leadership roles. "I am motivated by having a positive impact on people," he says. "If someone is in a job where they are not wanted or appreciated, they are less engaged, have a negative impact on the people around them and they are generally not happy.

"Although it may be a tough message for the employee at the time, I don't have a problem with removing an employee from a position to find a better fit if it is in the person's best interest and it is done with integrity."



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