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Avnet automates contract renewal process for its IT services

Adrian M. Reodique | May 18, 2016
By using the Avnet uRenew system -- the winner of 2016 CIO Asia Awards Growth category – the company experienced an increase in its IT services contract renewal business.

In addition, we assembled a project team with a variety of skills, from data analytics to SAP functional consultants. Also, business analysts were critical to this project because they ensured that the renewal data from the various suppliers was properly interpreted.

What are the challenges that you encountered on this project? How did you overcome them?

We pushed the boundaries for this implementation by adopting several technologies for the first time, and our greatest challenge with this project was developing a viable prototype. By taking an agile development approach, we were able to continuously improve the Avnet uRenew platform by having business leaders, members of the sales team and selected customers test the viability of the solution for each release phase.

Eight months after its completion, how did the stakeholders benefit from this project?

Our business leaders and sales team saw tremendous benefits in Avnet uRenew. There has been an increase in our IT services contract renewal business since the first rollout, which is close to a 50 percent increase in this type of business. As a part of this, Avnet generated an average of 500 services contract renewal opportunities per month.

Also, the ability to manage renewal data from multiple suppliers is seen as a huge competitive advantage. uRenew has significantly improved efficiency, saving more than 80 percent of the time needed to identify and follow up on new contracts.

Please compare and contrast the IT services contract renewal process before and after implementing the Avnet uRenew project.

Prior to Avnet uRenew, tracking IT services contract renewals was a highly-manual and time-consuming process. Our team would spend long hours and even weeks searching to determine which service contracts were ready for renewal, accessing multiple databases from technology manufacturers. We would often need to rely on five or more databases per manufacturer to gather the information needed.

With Avnet uRenew in place, we now have an automated, streamlined process. Customers are automatically alerted when their contract is up for renewal. Also, we have the ability to access and report on renewal data from multiple suppliers within the same platform. Since uRenew went live in September 2015, the sales team has viewed more than 10,000 contracts through the portal and generated 500 related quotes each month, significantly saving valuable time at each stage.

Following the completion of this project, what is next for Avnet? How else are you planning to leverage new technologies?

There is always a pipeline of new initiatives at Avnet; however, in the next 12 months, we will be concentrating on business transformation to help our partners as they focus more on next-generation technology solutions related to big data and analytics, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility.


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